App Banners on Mobile Devices


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Your mobile visitors can easily download the app with the click of a button from their browsers.

To configure App Banners go to ForumApps Options in XenForo Admin Area and fill in the fields for you respective forums.

Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 5.17.33 PM.png

Apple App ID: To find your app ID from the iTunes Link Maker, type the name of your app in the Search field, and select the appropriate country and media type. In the results, find your app and select iPhone App Link in the column on the right. Your app ID is the nine-digit number in between id and ?mt.

Manifest.json: Manifest.json is a file used by Chrome to know about your apps in the Play Store.
TLDR; Download the file and upload it to your community replacing ForumApps details in it.

Google has a few criteria to show your banner
Your site must:
  • Have a web app manifest file with:
    • a short_name
    • a name (used in the banner prompt)
    • a 144x144 png icon, your icon declaration's should include a mime type of image/png
    • a related_applications object with information about the app
  • Be served over HTTPS
  • Be visited by the user twice, over two separate days during the course of two weeks.
To know more, please check out: