How to ensure a Forum App is optimized for App store success?


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App Store Optimization is crucial for forum owners to get their apps found in the App store by the right users. Like how your webpages need to be optimized for search engines, likewise your app page on the App store must be optimized, so that it appears in the right searches, gets more downloads and shows up higher in the rankings in the right categories. ASO and SEO are quite similar in concept but differ in practice. Here are all the things a forum owner needs to ensure so that their App is optimized for success in the App store.

1> Focus on the Description

This is where you get to score by using the right keywords. Use the Keyword Tool website and Google auto-suggest to research on the keywords in your niche. Look at the keywords your competitors are using. Try to incorporate low competition keywords. This strategy will ensure that your forum app appears on a wide variety of keyword searches.

2> Request for Reviews

Reviews give users the green signal to download any app. Using newsletters and notifications, request for reviews from your regular users. Positive reviews pouring in a constant basis is a sureshot way to take your app to the top in the App store. When it comes to negative reviews, try to communicate immediately with a resolution/discount/coupon to mitigate the situation.

3> Provide Regular Updates

Another key factor to ensure that your App is considered credible is how regularly to provide new updates. Constantly ask for feedback from users and incorporate it into the new updates. The better the updates are, the better the reviews will be and the better your App will perform in the App store. Ensure your updates don’t suck, because that will cause a major backlash.

4> Attractive Screenshots/Videos

Having attractive screenshots will ensure that the users know exactly what the app does and how its interface looks like. Having a video will also showcase your credibility to your potential users. App pages that have proper screenshots and videos explaining the working of the app have a much higher conversion rate compared to those who have just the brand logos.

5> Constantly Check Analytics

Keep an eye out for how your app is performing and keep making tweaks to see if its performance improves. There are numerous application to check your app performance, like APPlyzer which give you a clear idea on how your app is faring against the competition. Once you have the current status of your app, you can ensure it is climbing up the charts.

6> Offline Promotion

The number of users visiting your app page has a direct bearing on the rankings. So get the word out through events, networking and newsletters about your app. Get you friends and family to visit the app page even if they will not be using the app. Do the necessary advertising on your forum so that users switch over to the app as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

App Search Optimization plays a big role when it comes to small forums without a big budget to advertise their app. Apart from existing forum members, the App store searches can be a big source of new users to your forum. Just follow the simple steps mentioned above and your forum will be able to get ahead of its competitors and make its presence felt in the App store.