Some Suggestions for Forumapp


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Dear Aayush

Your service is the best of native forum app for xenforo with excellent service and best support.

I have some suggestions for Forumapp and I think other admins need

1. Adventisement

Add option to Add html or image with link sponsor after first message in thread view or before threadview.

If we can add some Ads in between of the first message is the best.

2. Redesign home page.

Load new thread or recent as first page when app run. Get First Attactment as thumbnails

3. Add home button

Click home button to go to Home.

I think Native app is reduce number of click when use app but with Forum app, need more click to go home page.

Example, when click Forum -> Forum lish -> Thread and want to go Home have to way:
  • Click menu and chose Home. = 2 clicks
  • Click back, back and back = 3 clicks
4. Direct link to Forum not native.

When I click to a forum direct link from message, It will open with webview. If open in Forum page from App, it is awesome.

5. Search Form in header

I think in header of the App will have three functions:
  1. Logo
  2. Search Form
  3. Login (Account Button).
Footer of the App:
  1. Recent Thread Button
  2. Forum Lish Button
  3. Notification Button.
This is my concerpt I draw in Preview of macOS


6. Login with Social Media

Login with xenforo account is default but. If have option for login with facebook or google is awesome.

Thank you and hope this suggestions will help you boost your service and improve Xenforo app.