XenForo 2 support and pricing updates

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We’re back with some major announcements

Announcing XenForo 2 support:
ForumApps has been compatible with XenForo 2 for a very long time now and we are proud to announce that publicly today. Starting today you can download the latest version of ForumApps API 2.0 from your https://forumapps.net/clientarea/

Announcing XenForo 2.1 compatibility:
We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to support XenForo 2.1 and have been testing it for the past week. If you’re planning to upgrade to XenForo 2.1, you need not wait any longer. There are no iOS or Android updates required for your users and they can continue to use the same apps with XenForo 2.1.
All you have to do is download the XenForo 2.1 addon and install it on your forum after the upgrade. The new XenForo 2.1 addon can be found on https://forumapps.net/clientarea

Price Changes:
After 2 years of working with lots of forums, we realized that it is impossible for us to offer value to small forums even at such a low price point. So today we are discontinuing our existing pricing for the small and hobbyist forums and focussing on large forums who will actually see the benefit from having mobile apps.

$79/mo - Thread - Perfect for small forums up to 2,500 members what want the full XenForo experience on mobile without any ads.
$99/mo - Sub-Forum - Our most popular plan perfect for medium sized forums having around 2,500 to 10,000 members. Everything you get in a thread plus no ForumApps branding and increased revenue opportunity by running your own ads.
$199/mo - Forum - Built specially for large forums having more than 10,000 members. Moderation tools built right in the app, along with weekly analytics report and priority support.

To learn more about our pricing and features follow: https://forumapps.net/index.php#pricing

If you signed up after April 30, 2018, you will be continue to be billed at the same amount till 10th June 2019, after which pricing will be automatically updated in your invoices and all past automatic payment profiles will be cancelled. You can now add your credit card so that your forum members will never feel the disruption in case you forget to renew your license.

If you signed up before April 30, 2018, your prices will be unaffected.

Our 3 month Roadmap:

June - Bring support for opening PDFs, XF 2.1 reactions, Moderation tools.
July - Add XenForo Media Gallery and search support.
August - Add XenForo Resource Manager support.

Service Announcement:
After having developed APIs, iOS app and Android apps for XenForo for more than 2 years and having over 5 years experience in developing custom solutions for XenForo privately, we are now open for consulting and custom development of iOS/Android apps and addons for your forums. Reach out to us via private message or on getyourownapp@forumapps.net to learn more.

Feature Updates for iOS:
1. Youtube Media Tag
2. Twitter Tag converts to a URL.
3. Emoji Support for XF 1.5
4. Faster Profile Picture Caching.
5. Prevent profile pictures mismatch.
6. Quoted posts show who posted it.
7. Fixes issues with application crash when accessing some threads.
8. Fixed crashes when trying to view attachments as guest.
9. TextView links open inside the app.
10. Internal Forums and Thread links open inside the native app.
11. Improved Quote formatting on iOS
12. Support for viewing and uploading videos
13. New & Improved conversations.
14. Password suggestions while logging in so that you don’t have to remember passwords.

Feature Updates for Android:
1. Youtube Media tag converts to clickable image link.
2. Emoji Support for XF 1.5
3. Dynamic profile pictures for people who don't have default profile picture set.
4. Shows unread conversation with a colored background so that it is easier to differentiate between read and unread conversation.
5. Fixed bug while creating conversations.
6. Liking a post caused issues in translated languages.
7. Fixed the activity spinner when attaching attachments. Now it doesn't go round and round and round forever.
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