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    Ti piace?

    Ti piace?
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    Hello there Yusoff!

    Hello there Yusoff!
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    Few Questions

    1. Do you mean re-ordering it in the app? 2. We need Google API key in order to do that. Which is a complicated process for forum admins to do. We might add it as an optional feature. 3. We don't have that feature in app yet. 4. Yes, they are the same. 5. Sorry, we can't do that and we are...
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    Trial version available?

    So ForumApps is a mobile client for your own XenForo forum. You can download the official ForumApps apps from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store to test. There is a test forum at the bottom.
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    Trial version available?

    Do you run a forum?
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    Hi I think your email is incorrect, it's bouncing.

    Hi I think your email is incorrect, it's bouncing.
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    XenForo 2 support and pricing updates

    We’re back with some major announcements Announcing XenForo 2 support: ForumApps has been compatible with XenForo 2 for a very long time now and we are proud to announce that publicly today. Starting today you can download the latest version of ForumApps API 2.0 from your...
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    Choose Node to apply permission use Forum App

    Do you want everyone to be able to use the app but only specific premium members to use a particular forum inside the app? Will the group of premium members be able to access the forum on web?
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    Will this work??

    Hi Leebo, We'll have to check the plugins to see if there can be a deep integration with ForumApps. But as far as I know, there won't be conflicts arising from using any of these add-ons.
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    Setup your own ads inside your apps in just 8 steps

    If you'd like to sell ad spots inside your mobile apps, you can now do that with ForumApps and our Admob integration in less than 10 steps. To setup your own ad campaigns, follow the following steps: 1. Login to your AdMob account. If you don't have an app added to your account, add an app...
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    Test Profile Post

    Test Profile Post
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    Work with Xenforo 2?

    Yes, it works with Xenforo 2 forum.
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    Do you help with setting up advertising?

    AdMob gives you the ability to add your own in-house ads.